What do audiences have to say about Charlie's stand up?

"Charlie doesn't hold back. She talks about the parts of life that typically aren't spoken about in polite company. She makes it funny, real, and relatable. Nice to know that I'm not the only one with saggy boobs in the world. Plus, singing about shit makes shit funnier. And who doesn't love shit?" -Meg J.

"Charlie makes your world better to live in. She makes you laugh until you almost pee your pants. Which, by the way comes after the saggy boobs!" -Violet F.

"Her songs are fun, catchy and entertaining. And how she engages the audience during her show makes your time with her more special."      -Patrick G.


"A beautiful mix of classy and trashy. And I mean that with all the respect and admiration in the world." -Adam N.

"We recently saw Charlie perform as an intro to a well-known headline act, but after the show all we could talk about was her. Her songs will stay stuck in your head long after her performance, leaving you smiling and laughing long after she steps off the stage!" -Whitney M.